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Saikripa Gulkand - Crafting Sweet Moments with Love

Indulge in the essence of our handcrafted gulkand. Every jar is a labor of love, capturing the sweetness of tradition and the purity of nature. Discover the joy in every spoonful.

Explore Our Sweet Creations

Savor the sweetness, experience the love. Click below to discover the delectable world of Saikripa Gulkand


Meet the founder

Narender Gidwani

Naru Gidwani, the visionary behind Saikripa Gulkand, is a passionate entrepreneur with a deep love for traditional flavors and culinary craftsmanship. Born and raised in a family that cherished the art of creating delectable treats, Naru’s journey into the world of gulkand was a natural progression of his fondness for preserving age-old traditions.

Testimonial from Avid Gulkand Lover

Best sweets 365 days , specially their seasonal sweets are amazing, must try their in house gulkand with variety of flavours & much more , bulk orders also top notch quality, will order again

Freezing Live Moments

All items are goodd buttt specially there season gulkand is muchh more tasty andd there is everything hand made without any preservatives.

Vijay Kataria

Good quality products and awasome customer service with superr taste !! Do try their products once it’s a must to try their paan gulkand!!

Manav Chothani

Best Quality, Awesome Taste,
Good Hygiene and Service.

Jatin Thakkar
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